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On the southern slopes of the Black Montains, 45km from Quimper, 50km from Lorient & 55km from Pontivy, Gourin is one of the most secret authentic areas of Brittany. Gourin is also a symbol: That the Breton emigration towards North America. Brittany in the 19th century was demographically important with a density of population higher than the French average. Emigration was one of the actions taken to reduce the rural population surplice especially between 1850 & 1914. This emigration towards the USA, (from 1881), remains an exceptional phenomenon, which relates uniquely to the Gourin region. Today, there are many Gourinois in New York, especially in the restaurant trade and equally in Canada. Sometime, retirees come back to live in the area. There are still young people with relatives in the USA who follow the American adventure today.

Gourin had in times past a slate quarry, but production was stopped in favour of quarries in Anjou and Spain. Today the town is more agricultural & cattle. The local economy is well suited to the general economic climate, but is relatively stable in comparison with other areas nearer the coast that are well known for their rapid economic development. Yet, Gourin has the chance to be strategically well centered on the North/South axis of Morlaix-Lorient, the East/West axis Rennes-Quimper and central axis of Chateaulin-Rennes. Chief town of the “Canton”, Gourin commune had a population of 4464 at the last census in 1999 and the population in the canton is about 9000.

Other than Gourin, our office deals with other communes in the area, such as Plouray, Langonnet, Le Saint and Randouallec. Also Spezet, Saint Hermin and Motreff border, but rarely beyond this. Our clients reflect the local image of business/tradesmen, artisans, farmers and retirees. More recently, there have been a steady stream of British people of all ages & backgrounds.

We carry out all the usual functions of a Notaire under Droit de la famille (i.e. succession, marriage contacts, and community liquidation/settlements. Under Droit Immobilier, we handle all houses purchasing and selling and under Droit rural, we deal with company constitution, tenancy agreements, sale of agricultural business, etc… and under Droit de l’urbanisme, we deal with building developments, etc. In addition to these usual functions, we sell property and importantly, we speak English.

The Notarial Office is solidly based and “part of the furniture” in Gourin. The current notaries Hervé Le Meur & Caroline Le Meur took over from their parents in February last year who in turn took over from their parents in 1973, their father having started practicing in 1929.

The Office comprises of the 2 Notaires and a further 8 staff as follows: 4 clerks who draw up all the acts, a secretary, an accountant, a clerk dealing with formalities and a negotiator who deals with all the property viewings.

The organization of the Office is however not very compartmentalized and most can help in most areas. A clerk, for example, can negociate a house purchase. So in case of any unforeseen problems, there will always be someone else who can look after your interests. This is a great advantage and something our clients highly value.